Cellular Network Not Available for Voice Calls| Causes and 6 best Fixing Method

Cellular Network Not Available for Voice Calls| Causes and 6 best Fixing Method
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Cellular Network Not Available for Voice Calls| Causes and 6 best Fixing Method:

In our ever more connected global landscape, cellular networks serve a crucial role in maintaining our connectivity. Amidst the array of features, voice calls continue to stand as a fundamental element of communication. Yet, it can prove exasperating to encounter the message “Cellular Network Not Available” when trying to initiate a voice call. 

Cellular Network Not Available for Voice Calls
Cellular Network Not Available for Voice Calls

Common Causes of “Cellular Network Not Available” 

1. Network Coverage Issues 

Insufficient coverage stands out as a key factor leading to network-related challenges. Instead of immediately delving into intricate solutions, it becomes imperative to start with the fundamentals. Begin by meticulously evaluating the signal strength displayed on your device. This entails gauging the reception in various locations and pinpointing areas characterized by stronger signals. 

2. SIM Card Problems 

If your SIM card is not snugly inserted into its designated slot or if it’s damaged, it can cause disruptions in your voice communication. It’s crucial to double-check that your SIM card is properly and securely placed in its slot. If issues persist despite confirming correct placement, it might be prudent to contemplate replacing the SIM card. This can be especially effective in resolving any persistent problems you may be experiencing with your voice communication. 

3. Software Glitches 

Occasionally, disruptions in the seamless operation of your cellular network may arise due to software glitches. These glitches can impede the proper functioning of your device’s connectivity features. To mitigate such issues, it is advisable to routinely restart your device. This straightforward action serves to refresh the system, effectively clearing any temporary glitches that may be affecting the performance of your cellular network. 

4. Setting Switcheroo

At times, an improperly set configuration can interfere with the smooth operation of your device. It’s essential to carefully examine your network mode settings, ensuring they match the requirements of your service provider, be it 3G, 4G, LTE, or any other specified mode. Additionally, double-check that the airplane mode is deactivated to ensure uninterrupted and seamless connectivity.

Cellular Network Not Available
Cellular Network Not Available

6 best Fixing Method:

1. Check if Cellular Networks are Available

Upon encountering the ‘Cellular Network not available for phone calls’ error, your first course of action is to inspect the cellular networks. Begin by examining the cellular network icon in the Status bar. If the icon indicates the availability and stability of cellular networks, proceed with alternative methods.

However, if no cellular networks are visible, addressing the network issue becomes imperative. Given that you cannot independently resolve network problems, exercising patience is essential. Allow a few minutes or hours for the restoration of the cellular network.

2. Disable the Airplane Mode

Cellular Network Not Available for Voice Calls, it’s essential to investigate whether Airplane mode is activated on your smartphone. Airplane or Flight mode is a functionality that deactivates all network connections, including  WiFi and cellular networks. Therefore, if you find yourself without a network, verify whether Airplane mode is enabled. If it’s active, promptly disable it from the Notification panel.

3. Restart your Device

If the cellular networks are accessible, and Airplane mode is not activated, the next recommended action is to restart your phone. A simple restart initiates a fresh network connection attempt, potentially resolving the ‘Cellular Network Not Available for Voice Calls’ error message. Additionally, restarting your phone proves effective in eliminating issues arising from incorrect Access Point Name (APN) settings and addressing random SIM card errors.

4. Install the Software Updates

Problems resulting from operating system flaws can cause havoc on PCs or cellphones. Should the issue continue, there’s a chance that your phone’s operating system contains a flaw that prevents it from connecting to the mobile network. Many users of iOS and Android have reported that applying pending software upgrades resolves the ‘Cellular Network Not Available for voice call’ problems.

Cellular Network Not Available for Voice Calls| Causes and 6 best Fixing Method
Cellular Network Not Available for Voice Calls

To obtain the upgrades, iPhone users can navigate to Settings > General > Software Update. If there is an accessible new version, select “Download & Install.” For Android devices, go to Settings > About Phone > Software Upgrade to prefer the upgrade process. If an update is found, proceed to install it on your device.

5. Remove the SIM Card

It’s crucial not to conflate a mobile network with a wireless network. A mobile network refers to a communication network spanning an area and connected wirelessly through transceivers like cell sites. Cellular carriers strategically place cell sites to facilitate the transmission of mobile carrier signals and uphold mobile networks. This brings us to our initial resolution your mobile phone can successfully send and receive messages and calls only when connected to a mobile network through a SIM card.

Therefore, if you encounter the “cellular network not available for voice calls” error message, a prudent starting point is to investigate whether you correctly inserted and positioned your SIM card into its designated slot. Modern smartphones typically employ a SIM tray accessible by inserting a pin into a small hole to eject the tray. Ensure the SIM card sits securely within the tray before pushing it back into place.

6. Set Network Selection to Automatic

At times, your phone’s network selection can go astray due to glitches or unexpected occurrences. This discrepancy might lead to a situation where, for instance, you have an AT&T SIM, but your selection is erroneously set to Verizon. The most effective remedy for this issue is to set your network selection to automatic. This ensures the seamless utilization of your carrier’s services once again.

For Android: For iPhone:
1. Open the Settings app then select Connections. 1. Open the Settings app then tap Mobile.
2. Tap on Mobile Networks then select Network Operators. 2. Select Network Selection.
3. Make sure the switch for “Select Automatically” is on (in blue). 3. Confirm that the switch for “Automatic” is turned on (in green). If not, go ahead and tap it.

Reach Out to Your Network Provider

If you have diligently followed all the steps, and the persistent ‘Cellular network not available for phone calls’ error continues to surface, it’s possible that there is an issue with your SIM Card.

Cellular Network Not Available
Cellular Network Not Available

If all other troubleshooting methods have proven ineffective, your next and final recourse is to contact your Network Provider. Clearly articulate the problem to them, specifying when the error occurs and providing the complete error message. In instances where the issue lies on the network side, your network provider will undertake the necessary measures to address and rectify the problem within a few hours or days.

Hardware Solutions for ‘Cellular Network Not Available’ Issue

One significant reason for encountering the “Cellular Network Not Available for calls” error is hardware-related problems. Here is a list of these hardware issues and quick-fix solutions:

  1. Antenna Switch Issue:
    • If manual network search fails to detect any network, the problem may lie with the Antenna Switch.
    • Solution: Address this issue by either replacing or repairing the Antenna Switch.
  2. PFO Issue (Home Network Not Detected):
    • If a manual search detects a network but not the Home Network, the problem might be with the PFO.
    • Solution: Resolve the mobile network not found error by replacing or repairing the PFO.
  3. Network Disconnects During Calls:
    • If the network disconnects during phone calls, consider repairing or replacing the Network IC. Also, clean the tips and points of the antenna on the phone.
    • Solution: Address this by repairing or replacing the Network IC and cleaning the antenna points.
  4. 26 MHz Crystal Oscillator Issue:
    • If the “mobile network not available” message persists, consider heating or replacing the 26 MHz Crystal Oscillator.
    • Solution: Fix the problem by heating or replacing the 26 MHz Crystal Oscillator.
  5. Antenna Switch Replacement:
    • If the issue persists, replace the Antenna Switch. Alternatively, use a jumper if the phone’s Antenna Switch is inaccessible.
    • Solution: Replace the Antenna Switch or use a jumper as an alternative.
  6. PFO Issue Continued:
    • If the problem persists, heat, change, or put the PFO into a jumper.
    • Solution: Address the issue by heating, changing, or putting the PFO into a jumper.
  7. Network IC Issue:
    • If the problem lingers, heat, re-ball, or replace the Network IC.
    • Solution: Resolve the issue by heating, re-balling, or replacing the Network IC.
  8. Power IC and CPU Issues:
    • Heat, re-ball, or replace the Power IC.
    • Heat, re-ball, or replace the CPU.
    • Solution: Address these problems by heating, re-balling, or replacing the Power IC and CPU.


In summary, resolving the issue of “Cellular Network Not Available” for voice calls requires a methodical approach. This involves troubleshooting common issues and considering alternative communication methods, allowing users to overcome connectivity challenges. With ongoing technological advancements, the future promises even more seamless and improved experiences in voice communication.

FAQs: Cellular Network Not Available for Voice Calls

Q: Why am I seeing “Cellular Network Not Available for Voice Calls”?

A: There are several possible reasons in Cellular Network Not Available for Voice Calls:

  • Temporary network issues: Your local cell tower might be overloaded, undergoing maintenance, or experiencing technical difficulties. These usually resolve quickly.
  • Weak signal: Buildings, heavy foliage, or even your hand can block signals, leading to weak reception and call drops. Try moving to a better location.
  • Incorrect settings: Double-check your network mode and ensure airplane mode is off.
  • SIM card problems: A loose or faulty SIM card can disrupt your connection. Try removing and re-inserting it, or contact your carrier for a replacement.
  • Outdated software: Outdated software on your phone can sometimes cause network issues. Check for updates and install them.

Q: How can I fix Cellular Network Not Available for Voice Calls ?

Try these steps to fix Cellular Network Not Available for Voice Calls :

  • Restart your phone: This can often refresh the connection and clear glitches.
  • Toggle airplane mode: This can jumpstart your network connection.
  • Manually select a different network: This can be helpful in areas with multiple providers.
  • Use Wi-Fi calling: If available, connect to Wi-Fi and use it for calls.

Q: What if none of these work in this problem Cellular Network Not Available for Voice Calls?

  • Contact your carrier: They can check for network outages or troubleshoot your SIM card.
  • Update your phone software: Ensure you have the latest updates installed.
  • Think about resetting your phone settings as a final option; it might help fix any lingering software issues that Cellular Network Not Available for Voice Calls.

Q: How can I prevent this from happening again?

  • “Stay updated on network disruptions: Monitor your carrier’s website or social media channels for the latest information.

  • Invest in a good phone case: Some cases can improve signal reception.
  • Carry a portable Wi-Fi hotspot: This can provide backup when cellular networks are down.

Q: Is this related to my phone model or carrier?

While the steps to troubleshoot may differ based on your phone model and carrier, the general principles mentioned above are applicable in most cases. Feel free to check your phone’s manual or reach out to your carrier for tailored instructions.

Bonus tips:

  • Patience is key! Network issues are usually temporary.
  • Use text messages or chat apps when making calls is impossible.
  • Check online forums or communities for advice from other users.

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