3 Ways to fake iphone location without computer

3 Ways to fake iphone location without computer
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3 Ways to fake iphone location without computer


Many iPhone users find themselves wishing to manage the location data shared with different apps and services in a world where privacy concerns are on the rise. Even while Apple offers strong privacy protections, there are situations in which customers might want to change their location for pragmatic or private reasons. Without using a computer, you may fake your position on an iPhone by following the instructions in this article.

3 Ways to fake iphone location without computer
fake iphone location without computer

Certainly! If you’re looking to change your iPhone’s location for privacy or other reasons, you can achieve this through various methods:

  1. Location Spoofing Apps
  2. iOS Location Services
  3. VPN (Virtual Private Network)
  4. Jailbreaking (Advanced Users)

Always remember to use these methods fake iphone location responsibly and be aware of the terms of service for the apps or services you’re interacting with. Additionally, consider the legal implications of fake iphone location in certain situations.

Method 1: Using a Location-Spoofing App in Detail

Using specific  fake iphone location or location-spoofing applications makes it easy to fake iphone location. Without using a computer, follow these detailed methods to achieve a personalized location.

3 Ways to fake iphone location without computer
fake iphone location
  1. Access the App Store: Open the App Store on your iPhone after unlocking it. This is where you may download and install apps from the main hub on your device.
  2. Search for a Location-Spoofing App: Enter terms like “iSpoofer” or “Fake GPS Location” in the App Store’s search field for fake iphone location. You’ll see a ton of location-spoofing apps in the search results.
  3. Select and Install the Chosen App: Examine the selections carefully, taking into account reviews and user ratings, among other things. After choosing an app, download and install it on your iPhone by tapping the “Install” button next to the app’s icon.
  4. Open the Installed App: Find the application on your home screen and launch it after the installation is finished. The app’s requirements may require you to either establish an account or sign in.
  5. Grant Necessary Permissions: In order to allow fake iphone location, the application will probably ask for specific permissions .As required, grant these permissions to give the app the ability to change the location settings on your device.
  6. Set a Fake Location: To access the location-setting features, navigate the app’s user interface. You should normally be able to select a location straight from the map interface or manually enter particular coordinates, depending on the app.
  7. Toggle the Location-Spoofing Feature On: After you’ve determined your ideal fictitious location, turn on the app’s location-spoofing tool. By doing this, you tell the app to use the custom coordinates you’ve set instead of your actual GPS location.
  8. Exit the App: Once the fake iphone location has been correctly configured, close the location-spoofing application. Keep in mind that certain apps might keep running in the background, so make sure the location-spoofing capability is turned off or disabled within the app.
  9. Open the Targeted Location-Dependent App: Open the app where you want to pretend to be somewhere else while the location-spoofing feature is enabled. Now, the location-spoofing app will send the customized location data to the targeted app, giving the impression that you are indeed at the spoof location.

Method 2: Making Use of an Integrated iOS Feature for Location Faking

The iOS operating system offers a built-in method to fake iphone location settings for individual apps, providing a straightforward approach to fake your location without resorting to external applications. Follow these detailed steps to employ this method effectively:

  1. Access the Settings App:  First, turn on your iPhone, then find the Settings app on the main screen. To access the setup menu, tap the Settings icon.
  2. Navigate to Privacy Settings: Navigate down the Settings menu until you see the “Privacy” option. To access various settings pertaining to location services and privacy on your smartphone, tap on “Privacy”.
  3. Select Location Services: In the Privacy section, locate and tap on “Location Services.” This will bring up a list of your device’s apps that make use of location services.
  4. Choose the App to Spoof: Navigate through the list of applications that make use of location services to find the particular app that you want to pretend to be somewhere else. Tap on the app to access its individual settings.
  5. Adjust Location Service Settings: The location services settings are located within the app. You can select “Always” or “While Using the App” according to your preferences. While choosing “Always” gives the app constant location access, choosing “While Using the App” limits location access to times when the app is actively in use.
  6. Open the App and Establish Current Location: Open the selected app and use it for a short while after enabling location services. This action helps the app establish your current location as per your device’s GPS coordinates.
  7. Modify Location Services Permission: Exit the app and return to the Location Services settings within the Privacy menu. Look for the app again in the list, then select “Never” as the permission setting. With this change, you may be sure that the app won’t be able to see your current location.
  8. Reopen the App: Launch the app once more after modifying the location services permission. Despite the change to “Never,” the app will continue to believe that you are at the initially established location.
3 Ways to fake iphone location without computer
fake iphone location without computer

Method 3: Jailbreaking Your iPhone – Location Spoofing with Cydia, Unc0ver VPN

JBy getting over Apple’s limitations, jailbreaking an iPhone enables users to access unapproved apps, customizations, and system changes. It’s important to realize that there are hazards involved in this method and that it voids your device’s warranty. Exercise caution and be mindful of the possible outcomes.

We have already known the situations where people need to spoof GPS location. Next, we’re going to discuss 6 simple ways to change iPhone location without any hassles. Before introduction, below is a comparison table that summarizes all the 6 methods for faking your iPhone’s GPS location without jailbreak.

Methods AnyTo iSpoofer iTools Xcode iPogo NordVPN
Ratings 9 5.5 7 4 5 4
Ease of Use 3 Steps 5 Steps 6 Steps 8 Steps 10 Steps 5 Steps
Operating Time 3 mins 17 mins 10 mins 35 mins 15 mins 7 mins
Compatibility iOS & Android Only iOS iOS & Android Only iOS iOS & Android iOS & Android

Step 1: Jailbreak Your iPhone

It is imperative that you do your homework and use a trustworthy jailbreaking program, such Cydia or Unc0ver, before attempting to jailbreak your iPhone. Remember that depending on your iPhone model and iOS version, these tools may or may not be more or less effective.

  1. Download the Jailbreaking Tool: Obtain the jailbreaking tool that works with the iOS version and iPhone model that you have. To begin the jailbreaking procedure, closely adhere to the tool’s instructions.
  2. Follow On-Screen Instructions: Launch the jailbreaking tool on your iPhone after connecting it to your computer. To finish the jailbreaking procedure, adhere to the tool’s on-screen directions. Putting your device in DFU (Device Firmware Update) mode could be necessary for this.
  3. Install Cydia: Your iPhone will then install Cydia, an alternate app store for jailbroken devices, after the jailbreaking procedure is finished.

Step 2: Install Location-Spoofing Tweak

Now that your iPhone has been jailbroken, you can research and install location-spoofing tweaks using Cydia to pretend to be where your device is.

  1. Open Cydia: On your jailbroken iPhone, open the Cydia application.
  2. Look for Location-Spoofing Tweaks: To find location-spoofing tweaks, use Cydia’s search feature. Popular options include “LocationFaker” or “GPSCheat.”
  3. Install Chosen Tweak: Once you’ve found a suitable location-spoofing tweak, install it by following the on-screen prompts. Cydia will handle the installation process.

Step 3: Configure Fake Location

With the location-spoofing tweak successfully installed, it’s time to configure the fake location on your iPhone.

  1. Open Tweak Settings: Locate the recently installed location-spoofing tweak in your iPhone’s settings. Open the tweak’s settings panel.
  2. Set Desired Fake Location: Within the tweak’s settings, configure the desired fake location. This may involve entering specific coordinates or dropping a pin on a map.
  3. Save Settings: Save the configured settings within the location-spoofing tweak.

Step 4: Open Location-Dependent App

After configuring the false location, get out of the settings and open the location-dependent app that you wish to use the fake iphone location for.

Virtual Private Networks (VPNs):

Utilize top-rated VPNs like ExpressVPN, ACCESS, and Cyber Ghost. They reroute your internet connection through servers in various locations, altering your IP address. Effectively, this allows you to fake your iPhone’s location without the need for a computer. It’s a straightforward method to change your location on an iPhone.


It is feasible to fake iphone location without the need for a computer, but you must take caution and be aware of the possible repercussions while using these techniques. Always think about the moral and legal ramifications of changing your location, and utilize these functions in accordance with the policies established by service providers and app developers. Consider speaking with app developers or service providers if you have privacy concerns so you can share your thoughts and help create a more secure and open online community.

FAQs: How to Fake iPhone Location Without a Computer

1. Can I fake my iPhone location without using a computer?

Certainly! By leveraging specific applications and adjusting your device settings, you have the capability to effortlessly alter your iPhone’s location, all without the requirement of a computer.

2. Are there built-in features on the iPhone for changing location?

Although the iOS operating system doesn’t inherently provide features for altering your location, there are alternative options available through third-party applications and tweaks. These external resources offer uncomplicated solutions for manipulating your iPhone’s location settings to achieve the desired outcome.

3. Do I need to jailbreak my fake iphone location?

You don’t have to jailbreak your iPhone; there are apps available that allow you to change your location without that extra step. These apps ensure a seamless experience, eliminating the need for complicated processes and making the entire location-changing process hassle-free.

4. Are there risks involved in fake iphone location?

In most cases, altering your location on your device is considered safe; however, it’s crucial to exercise caution when selecting the applications for this purpose. It’s recommended to opt for apps from trustworthy and reliable sources to minimize any potential risks related to security or privacy concerns. Ensuring that you choose reputable sources enhances the safety and reliability of the location-spoofing process on your device.

5. Can I use location spoofing for all apps on my iPhone?

The ability to fake iphone location hinges on the individual app and its granted permissions. Certain applications possess mechanisms to detect location spoofing, meaning they can recognize when users attempt to manipulate their geographical information. On the other hand, there are apps that remain unaffected by such tactics, allowing users to successfully fake iphone location without encountering detection. The outcome largely depends on the specific app’s design and security features.

6. Will using a VPN help in fake iphone location?

Certainly! Virtual Private Networks, commonly known as VPNs, prove highly effective in altering your online presence. Here’s how: when you use a VPN, it redirects your internet connection through servers located in various parts of the world. This process masks your actual IP address and, in turn, creates the illusion that you’re accessing the internet from a different geographical location. Essentially, VPNs enable you to virtually transport yourself to another area, enhancing privacy and security as well.

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